If you rent an office or workshop, then the figure you can put through your tax return is fairly straightforward. However, for a lot of small businesses, renting isn’t an option for either financial or practical reasons, so you may find yourself working from home. As your...
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Keeping paperwork isn’t everyone’s strong point. And that’s okay. HMRC have realised this, and in an unusual attempt to help you claim some of the more complex expenses, they have created simplified expenses....
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If you are self-employed and own a car, the chances are there will be some motor expenses which we can bring into your accounts to reduce your tax bill. Claiming your motor expenses can be a little trickier than most of your other business expenses, as it is highly likely t...
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So, can you claim for that cup of coffee at a networking meeting or not? When you’re an employee, your day can be quite structured, and you may have found that your food and drink expenses would have been restricted to what you decide to have for lunch. As a business owner...
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I don't normally do videos, but if you're in a rush, here is a 2 minute video that powers through some of the things you can claim. Below it is my blog which goes into a little more detail....
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