For most of us, we choose an accounting software when we start our business and then we stick to it. Even if it irritates us. And the main reason for that is because switching can feel like a chore. Better the devil you know and all that. But sometimes we are forced to ch...
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Have you ever felt that feeling of panic, when you enter all your information into your accounting software and press the button to generate the VAT Return, only to be greeted with a report that is completely wrong? Where have all your sales gone? Why haven’t some of the ...
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Be honest. What’s your bookkeeping setup like? Or in simpler terms, how do you keep track of the finances for your small business? It’s pretty common for bookkeeping to sit right at the bottom of the list when businesses are starting up. You need to bring in some money f...
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No business is too small for a bit of bookkeeping. However, when you're just starting out it can be hard to know what you need to do. Or even, what needs to be done. So here are my quick fire, tip 13 tips for anyone new to record keeping....
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With the Tax Return deadline fast approaching, there are probably thousands of business owners frantically packing a year's worth of receipts into bags and boxes, ready to drop them into their accountant's office. Invariably, this unique filing system is flawed, so it is lik...
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Not everyone wants to outsource their bookkeeping. If you have a head for numbers and the capacity in your workload to take it on, keeping the bookkeeping in house may seem like the preferred option. However, great bookkeeping is more than entering figures into a spreadshe...
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