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Based in Cardiff, I work with parents across the UK, who are growing their businesses alongside their children.

All are trying to build something that gives them a better work life balance, whilst having possibly more colds than they’ve ever had in their entire life.

But working part time, from home or unusual hours doesn’t mean you have less of a business.

You can still make a profit. You can still use accounting software. You can still know your business numbers.

It’s all about focus.

Let me show you how.

Do you have an accountancy or bookkeeping question that I can help you with?

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Do I need an accountant?

I’ve recently come across a number of freelancers asking if they need an accountant. It’s a fair question, as when you are starting up, or if your business is in a famine stage (rather than theRead more

Do I need accounting software to do my bookkeeping?

Be honest. What’s your bookkeeping setup like? Or in simpler terms, how do you keep track of the finances for your small business? It’s pretty common for bookkeeping to sit right at the bottomRead more

I've started a business. What do I need to do now?

You have decided to start your own business and you are ready to go. This first thing you may decide to do is join a networking group. Get a logo made. Google how to get your first customers. AllRead more

What is a Directors Loan Account?

The first time most business owners hear the term Directors Loan Account, is when they sit down with their accountant to discuss their Limited Company year-end accounts. I know from taking clientRead more

How can I withdraw money from my Limited Company?

You’ve decided to set up and trade through a Limited Company. It’s started to make money and that money is sat in the bank account. You now want to get paid. So, you can just take the money fromRead more

What is IR35 and how will I know if it affects me?

IR35 in the name of the legislation that HMRC has created to crack down on contractors who should really be employees. If you have recently set up a Limited Company and your business has only oneRead more

If I work from home, how can I claim for these costs?

If you rent an office or workshop, then the figure you can put through your tax return is fairly straightforward. However, for a lot of small businesses, renting isn’t an option for eitherRead more

How to choose an accountant who isn't a little bit rubbish

There are times in our life when we want the best. We might want the best photographer for our wedding, buy the best car we can afford, live in the best house in our area, eat the best food and soRead more

What are simplified expenses?

Keeping paperwork isn’t everyone’s strong point. And that’s okay. HMRC have realised this, and in an unusual attempt to help you claim some of the more complex expenses, they have createdRead more

Sole Trade V’s Limited Company – Which one should you choose?

One of the first decisions that you need to make when you decide to start your own business, is whether to be self employed or trade through a Limited Company. Your initial response may be to askRead more

Has my hobby become a business?

Just because you have made some money, doesn’t mean you have a business. And just because you’re making a loss or breaking even, doesn’t mean that what you are doing is a hobby. There is aRead more

What is a payment on account?

It’s January and your accountant sits you down and tells you your tax liability and it’s high. Way higher than you expected. Panic begins to set in. This can’t be right you say to yourself.Read more
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What a couple of lovely people have said about me:

Jenny Stone

Whenever I have had queries, Claire has responded quickly, efficiently and in understandable terms.  I've received good sound advice that has saved me time.  The service has been very flexible at the same time being highly professional, which is essential for me due to work and life commitments.

Ben Scoins

Claire operates with such a personal touch that it really assures you that you are her priority. Regardless of my own lack of knowledge, she always explains herself perfectly. I would recommend her to anyone

Samantha Fairclough

Claire was very professional, efficient and helped me work through what felt like, a very complicated process. If you've never completed a self assessment tax return, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Claire really helped me to get my head around it all and took the stress out of the whole process.

Some qualifications and awards to hopefully show you that I know what I'm doing


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