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For sole trader freelancers who don’t need bells and whistles

The hands-on approach isn’t always needed. If you take care of your own bookkeeping, you’re on top of your finances. You don’t need to pay an accountant to do work you’ve already done.

This service keeps things simple: tax return only. You maintain your monthly incomings and outgoings, I do your year-end accounts and personal tax return.

You’re only paying for what you need and the price stays low because of it.

How it works

1. You give me access to your bookkeeping software or spreadsheet. I review it, check for any obvious gaps and look for things you could be claiming.

2. I’ll compare your figures with clients in your industry to make sure your expenses and percentages are consistent, so you’re not spending when you could be saving.

3. We’ll book a video call and run through your records face-to-face (if you can’t make a call, I’ll record and send a video instead). I’ll tell you if there are things you should include and what’s best to leave out.

4. If changes are needed, you go away and find the information, then send your new and improved records to me.

5. I’ll amend the figures and complete your tax return. You sign it, then I submit it to HMRC.

Straight up. Straightforward.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £100.

What if I need something else?

If you need my help for more than a tax return, there are extras you add to this service when or if you need them:

  • Software: Xero and FreeAgent subscriptions start from £10 per month
  • Payroll: Take on employee and stay compliant for £10 per payslip
  • Bookkeeping: Keep your monthly finances in order, from £50 per month
  • VAT returns: Form completion to show what you’re due to pay and reclaim anything you’re owed, from £100 per return
  • Software Training:  Learn everything you need to know about Xero or FreeAgent, from £50 per hour

If no fuss and no frills sounds like your kind of tax return service, hit that red button and tell me about your business.  

Want to find out a bit more?

Please fill in my Introduction Form if you think we would be a good fit or even if you have a couple of questions that you would like answered.


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